Monday, September 14, 2015

He Ran Away And Never Came Back After Our Wedding Introduction, Help! [Kemi Filani]

Please help me, i need to know what people in my shoes would do if this had happened to them.

I had a great love story. Yes, it seemed then. The man came like a rolling stone and hit me so so badly and left me. He felt his pre determined action was accomplished, while l was left nearly a fool.

We met through my close friend. He saw my picture on her Display picture on BBM and pressured her to link him to me.

That was how we got talking. Before you know it he asked me to be his woman. I was glad because l loved him. The attractions was not spontaneous. It grew against all odds.

People cautioned me saying he looked more of a playboy only ready to break hearts. I confronted him with all these things.
To my surprise, he did not hide who he was. To him, that was his past. He had ran away completely from it.

I admired his 'sincerity' and 'honesty'. And l felt that truly many of us had had an ugly past, and when you say you have come to Jesus, and you are seen behaving like a follower of this Christ, who then can condemn you? 

This made me grow to like him more. Do l say like? I think he swept me off my feet.

Then he proposed in a dramatic way and we had a beautiful introduction between our two families. Even the way it was packaged, it was more like a wedding ceremony, that you would not expect another. 

But that was the way he wanted it. He was traveling out of the country, and would start processing my papers from then, so l was made to believe.

I am 25years old but God, l have seen deceits. I have experienced broken heart. Despite the fact that l prayed. I thought l prayed and received direction.

However, the happenings after the introduction proved otherwise.

I now got to understand that he asked for the elaborate introduction ceremony because he was applying for a marriage visa in UK and he needed pictorial evidence. 

I learnt he had already got a fake wedding certificate but needed me to do an appearance for him.

His intention was that once he was out of the country he would cut off all communications between us and leave me waiting endlessly for him.
God is gracious.

My supposed fiancé was expected to process the traveling documents for both of us, but he had gone to the embassy for the interview. Yet he kept me from knowing this. Now, it is almost a year after the introduction ceremony, l have not heard any word from him.

You would say where are his family members in this?

When we were dating, he was the one coming to meet me. We stayed in different but close states. He knew all my family but l only got to know his own on the introduction day.

One friend of his who said he did not want to hide anything from me because he sensed l am too decent to be treated in this manner, had to open up to me on many things. He confessed most of them, on getting to know me felt bad that such was being done to me.

One of them was the way my lover tried setting me up, using another friend of his to toast me and work on me to see if l would fall for the ploy. He wanted to use that as a strong reason for leaving me, that he caught me with another man.

He failed. But l am no more engaged.

My parents are not into the know now. They felt we were passing through a phase as we have some irreconcilable issue we are still working on.
Please tell me. How do l tell family members and friends who witnessed the ceremony and those who had heard about it that l have been left unprotected. No one to call my own. That l am starting again. But, is it not too soon?

The whole thing looks like a bad dream?
Let me quickly wake up from it, Lord.

The shame!

This is my true story. I am devastated that l could fall for a 'sucker'.
I was blind and deaf to all signals received prior our introduction. 

Now, l am alone. Where do l go?

I can not stand to hear,'So you have seen what we were telling you.'

Help me.

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