Thursday, December 11, 2014

Caption This...What's Atiku telling Tinubu

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Buhari wins APC Presidential Primaries... Atiku concedes defeat... See Breakdown of Votes!

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(1) Buhari = 3, 430 (2) Kwankwaso = 974 (3) Atiku = 954 (4) Rochas = 624

(5) Invalid Votes = 16 (6) Sam = 10

Wow... what a bad outing for sam nda isaiah!

What do you think about the results of the primaries?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mansard Building at V/Island Lagos on fire...

B4aKDvFIgAASXXC.jpg (575×1024)
Fire Services nearby are trying to put it out...cause unkown.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Watch as Nigerian claims Fake Age, Fake Passport et al but gets granted Asylum in the UK..then absconds

APC Gov. Aspirant not a Lagos Indigene? See Picture of JAMB DE Form!

According to this tweet on twitter, this shows Ambode is not a Lagos Indigene.
Nigerians can really dig out the past.
Tinubu was also not from Lagos, so Ambode should not be deterred.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Can She Become Nigeria's First Elected Female Governor? Senator Aisha Jummai Al-Hassan wins Taraba APC's Governorship Ticket

Senator Aisha Jummai Al-Hassan has emerged the Taraba APC governorship candidate in Taraba State. She is a (current) Senator in the 7th National Assembly representing Taraba North (Senatorial District). She won the APC primaries with a landslide victory of 2425 votes with other candidates Ibrahim Tumba, Dr Julde S & Yusuf polling 18, 5, and 14 votes respectively


'Please accept results', Tinubu pleads as 10 Aspirants Leave Venue Midway Into Voting

The Chieftain and national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, has appealed to all the aspirants for the party’s governorship candidate at the ongoing primary election in Lagos to accept whoever emerges winner as the party’s choice.

In a goodwill message to the aspirants, delegates, and party members on Thursday, Mr. Tinubu, hailed all the aspirants for being good democrats. “I want to use this opportunity to commend all the aspirants. You have toiled hard and sweated for the good of the state,”

Mr. Tinubu said in the message read by party’s Publicity Secretary in the state, Joe Igbokwe. “You all have acquitted yourselves very well by selling your vision and not by tearing each other down. This is as it should be and must be.” Over 6,000 delegates from 20 local governments across the state have assembled at the Onikan Stadium on Lagos island, to elect the party’s flag bearer out of the 13 aspirants.

Ahead of Thursday’s primaries, about 10 of the aspirants had called for a suspension of the exercise on the grounds that the procedure for selecting the delegates was flawed. But on his message, Mr. Tinubu urged all the aspirants to accept the winner of the primaries as the party’s choice. “When I met with all of you, you spoke of the need to ensure a free and democratic process.

Today, you have that process,” Mr. Tinubu said. “However, we must be realistic. There are 12 good men seeking one post, only one of you will win this position. “Accept the winner as the choice of the party that we may move forward and continue the project we highly seek. “You are 12 aspirants, and like the 12 tribes of Israel, let us work together.”

It seems the appeal earlier fell into deaf ears as almost all the governorship aspirants at the ongoing APC primaries in Lagos have left the venue of the exercise, PREMIUM TIMES reports.

Akinwunmi Ambode, Ganiyu Solomon, and Leke Pitan are the only ones out of the 13 aspirants left at Onikan Stadium as at 6p.m. It is unclear why the aspirants left midway into the exercise.

Earlier, Peter Obadan, chairman the Election Committee, had appealed to the aspirants to monitor the exercise and channel any grievance to the committee.

Tokunbo Wahab, the youngest aspirant in the race, left about 30 minutes ago. Femi Hamzat left two hours ago. Adeyemi Ikuforiji, who was the first among the aspirants to arrive the venue at about 9 a.m., and left soon soon after delegates began voting by1p.m. As at 6 p.m., delegates from eight out of the 20 local government areas of the state has cast their votes.


Friday, October 10, 2014

'Story for the gods' - MrAyeDee says Linda's account is false

In the latest turn of events, after Linda Ikeji exposing MrAyeDee's stalking here , he has responded via twitter that Linda Ikeji's claims are false.
He however refuses to share private conversations to buttress his point, and I believe Linda should not have shared private convos...
These issue could have been settled amicably but is now a case of war.
We wish Linda the best, and hope she can withstand future attacks.
We also don't condone stalking...

Some of @MrAyeDee's tweets are reproduced below, the rest can be gotten from his twitter timeline.

There were some reactions from Nigerians on twitter

Exposed: "Why my Blog was taken down" - Linda Ikeji. (A thin Line between Love&Hate!)

The real story behind Linda Ikeji's blog debacle has finally come out.
It was suggested on twitter that MrAyeDee and Linda should marry jokingly, but who knew they both had a of a close friendship gone bad.
We guys get mad with jealousy sometimes and can get quite dramatic :D

So basically MrAyeDee and Linda come back a long way. They lost touch. He tried getting back in touch, she ignored him unintentionally and dude was instrumental in her blog takedown...which would have happened anyway.

Google has restored her blog back but she's decided to move to her own domain
At least, this experience will make her stronger.

Click the link below to read the full story by linda..the era of copy pasting is over :D

The Full Story by Linda Ikeji

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Why Google took down Linda Ikeji's Blog


By now, its probably no news that google has taken down Nigeria's hottest blogger, Linda Ikeji's blog located at, and hosted on google's servers.
While many have criticised her for not hosting her blog herself, it seems in the long run it would not have helped, especially as her blog was taken down for copyright infringement i.e. using people's stuff without consent.
I bet the recent range rover she bought angered those whose content she might have used without consent...

A Google staff has given insight into why her blog was taken down.
Clearing the air on the misconception, Google’s Manager for Communications and Public Affairs, Anglo-Phone West Africa, Taiwo Kolade-Ogunlade, in a chat with Punch newspaper, explained why the blog was taken down.

He said Google takes the issue of copyright seriously, adding that the company belongs to a group of Internet firms that abides by the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other applicable copyright laws.

“To respect the rights of copyright holders, Google clearly spells out how users of its products and services can get permission to use someone else’s intellectual property such as text, songs, images and footages. Google is no respecter of anybody when it comes to the issues of copyright infringement.

“Google as an organisation takes issues of copyright seriously and belongs to a group of digital companies that respect copyrights.

“Copyright is a big deal and this is why you can’t just go and pick up another person’s intellectual property or content and lay claim to its ownership.

“It is not a case of witch-hunting and has nothing to do with Linda Ikeji’s personality or anyone else because there is a process, and irrespective of who you are in the world, that process would apply to you.

“It has become imperative for online entrepreneurs to respect the rights of copyright holders noting that the Internet community should be built on mutual trust and general respect.

“Let’s respect other people’s rights and intellectual property. Making money off other people’s content without permission is wrong. Although the Internet is inanimate, it is the content on it that gives it life. These are the issues.

“Whenever owners of online contents come after you accusing you of using their content, it is because they have families to feed and businesses to sustain.

“People should also understand that copyrights does not only apply to text, but also extends to literary works, images and photographs, music files and MP3s, movies, movie trailers and videos as well as software”, Kolade-Ogunlade explained.
We reached out to Linda and was assured that she will be back up on her own domain at

We hope moving forward she can avoid copyright claims and invest in her business.
What are your thoughts on this matter? We would love to hear them.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Introducing LANS CONSULT

LANS CONSULT is a registered firm of Civil/Structural Engineers and Development Consultants. The firm was registered with Registration No. 63990 on the 29th December 1986 with the aim of providing integrated professional services in Structural Engineering, Highway and Traffic Engineering, Water and Wastewater Engineering, System Analysis and Project Management.

The Practice offers Professional services, which include Planning, Preliminary investigations, Physical and Economic feasibility studies, Final engineering designs, Engineering inspection of construction and Construction management.    
These services are offered for:
  • Residential Development.
  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings.
  • Estate Infrastructural facilities.
  • Urban Drainage and Metropolitan Sewage.
  • Storm water Drainage and Dams.
  • Roads and Bridges.
  • Water supply and Waste water management.
  • Erosion Controls.

Monday, February 24, 2014

How Sanusi, Saraki, Lai fraudulently acquired my bank - Erastus Akingbola

Erastus Akingbola recently wrote to the president detailing how Sanusi, Saraki, Lai fraudulently took over Intercontinental bank.

It seems to be a season of letters.

There are some shocking details in the letter.

Download the letter Here

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sanusi's Suspension Letter from the SGF detailing reasons for suspension.

Sanusi's Suspension Letter from the SGF detailing reasons for suspension.


The FRCN Report on Sanusi

So much has been said about Sanusi's suspension. The FRCN report is one of the main reasons he was suspended. You can download it here: Download FRCN Report Here

The particulars of the infractions against Sanusi are:

Persistent refusal and/or negligence to comply with the Public Procurement Act in the procurement practices of the Central Bank of Nigeria.
(A) By virtue of Section 15 (1)(a) of the Public Procurement Act, the provisions of the Act are expected to comply to ‘all procurement of goods, works and services carried out by the Federal Government of Nigeria and all procurement entities.’ This definition clearly includes the Central Bank of Nigeria.

(B) It is however regrettable that the Central Bank of Nigeria, under his leadership, has refused and/or neglected to comply with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act (PPA). You will recall that one of the primary reasons for the enactment of the PPA was the need to promote transparency, competitiveness, cost of effectiveness and professionalism in the public sector procurement system.

(C) Available information indicates that the Central Bank has over the years engaged in procurement of goods, works and services worth billions of Naira each year without complying with the express provisions of the PPA.

(D) By deliberately refusing to be bound by the provisions of the Act, the CBN has not only decided to act in an unlawful manner, but has also persisted in promoting a governance regime characterised by financial recklessness, waste and impunity, as demonstrated by the contents of its 2012 Financial Statements.
Unlawful expenditure by the Central Bank of Nigeria on ‘Intervention Projects’ across the country

(A) the unacceptable level of financial recklessness displayed by the leadership of the Central Bank of Nigeria is typified by the execution of ‘Intervention Projects’ across the country. From available information, the bank has either executed or is currently executing about 63 such projects across the country and has committed over N163billion on them.

(B) it is inexcusable and patently unlawful for any agency of government to deploy huge sums of money as the CBN has done in this case, without appropriation and outside CBN’s statutory mandate. It is trite that the expenditure of public funds by any organ of government must be based on clear legal mandates, prudent costing and overriding national interest.
Financial infractions and acts of financial recklessness committed by the Central Bank as reflected in its audited financial statements of 2012