Sunday, May 29, 2016

LOL! These hilarious pictures of Ghanaian police will make your day!

1. They are so cool that their website address also doubles as their email.

2. When it comes to arresting the law breaker, their tactics are the best there is.

3. I mean, look.

4. Their punishment policy is straight out of the SSS school book.

5. They don’t only work to capture criminals, they are there when civilians need them.

6. Forget bribe, they like to just shake our hands.

7. They don’t need an ambulance to transport accident victims.

8. Drinking on duty is definitely part of the job.

9. How else do you explain this?

10. Sleep is for suckers as far as they are concern.

11. They are always on the high alert when on duty.

12. Trust me, they are really spying the surroundings.

13. When the music drops, they know how to get down.

14. Safety is their motto.

Source: Nairaland

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