Monday, May 30, 2016

John Fatoye shares story of how he escaped from kidnappers [LIB]

23-year-old John Fatoye was declared missing by his Family after he left home some days ago around5am for his workplace at Lekki and didn't return home after over 24 hours. Thankfully he escaped from his abductors and was later found unharmed. Details of what transpired was narrated by someone close to him. According to the source, 
"John boarded a Sienna from Ogba to Lekki around 5:30am. At first, nothing seemed amiss but then he noticed that the driver took a different route from normal; a route which would take him outside Lagos.
When he protested, he was slapped by one of the passengers and he blacked out. He regained consciousness much later in surroundings he could tell were outside Lagos state. He was however unable to get his bearings fully because he was blindfolded. Eventually, one of the captors brought something for him to drink but he refused vehemently. It then became apparent that he was one of only 2 real passengers in the vehicle since the others were all part of the kidnap. He overhead them fighting among themselves in the early hours of this morning about whether they should keep him or not. Eventually, they agreed that they must return him the same way he was found. They seemed in a hurry to do so; it was as though they were scared. When they got to Redemption camp after driving for about 3hrs, they dropped him off and sped  off. That was where a good samaritan found him and gave him money to call his family around past 7am, who responded and immediately went to pick him up."
John has also released a statement, part of which read, 
'I am thankful for another shot at life. But I bet you, it cannot be business as usual. I had seen it in the movies, I had heard stories, and eventually I experienced it myself. I tell you, people are wicked in this life oo.. Some people do not give this life any value. But God pass them.
The social media played a key role in giving my family this testimony. Shout out to the Fatoye Dynasty, Linda Ikeji Blog, Uncle Dele, the Odulaja’s, the Daniels, the Cool fm and Unilag fm family, the Ibrahim’s, the Dada’s the Harvesters community, the Deeper Life ministry, several pastors, my Caleb international college family, my UNILAG family, the Swish Ideas family, every folk that tweeted, posted pictures on Instagram, shared posts on Facebook, called, sent broadcast messages and generally everyone who gave their very best from their small corners. God bless you all.'

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