Friday, December 18, 2015

HELP! Which lady should I marry?

Please guys come to my rescue....

This is centered around two female which i do not want to loose but have to select one to marry. Here goes...

I met these ladies around the same period, i asked Labake out and after the initial gra gra she accepted to date me. thing are getting serious now that i had to ask her certain questions... She has been into business for like 6 years and when i asked what was her savings from the biz she said NOTHING. I asked the reason and she said debts and some other excuses. In short she has no savings and told me to my face i am providing all she will be needing in marriage, relocating her shop from one town to where i am and other things even to her sanitary towels! What is annoying me is that have i now offended the gods that i want to marry her and there taking over her liabilities (her body being the only asset)! I do not have a problem meeting these needs but she has to meet up at some point which she cannot do! I just like/love her i dont know why despite these liability.

On the other hand, there is Shalewa, who is more than willing to meet my people, she has a job and even a business. She encourages me to be the best and all other positives. The problem here is that i dont have a feeling for her at all, but i dont want to let go. Mind you we have not had sex even with Labake

Guys please if you were in my shoes what would you do? Who will you take home to mamma. Cos i want to do that this december and wrap up marriage. But i am in a dilemma for nowQ

please advice maturedly

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