Friday, November 27, 2015

Shoppers terrified as incompetent Shoprite Ikeja Management shuts down store as Lagos Govt seals Ikeja Shoprite, Spurs.

A mild drama ensued at Shoprite Ikeja today.

I was shopping with a friend when an announcement came over the PA system indicating that Shoprite Ikeja was shutting sown due to a technical emergency.

The announcement came on again repeatedly and we went to checkout.

At the check out store, a terrified manager kept asking shoppers to leave the shopping aisle, telling staff to take money made for the day into the office, and abrupty closing stalls attending to customers.

All this while, the electricity kept going on and off.

At no point in this ordeal did the manager explain that the store was shutting down because the Lagos State Safety Commission was sealing up the store as it had not met safety requirements.

What came to my mind was the Mall attack in Kenya and I became terrified that a Boko Haram attack was happening outside or a fire incident was occurring.

I hurriedly left the store and was glad to see everything peaceful outside, it was then I noticed Spurs had also been shut. Its interesting how these two major brands got involved in this mess. It could be related to the fact that incase of an emergency only one entrance is available for shoppers...however this applies to most shops at the Ikeja Shopping Mall.

Now I have an inkling of what people face in terrorist attacks... May God restore piece to the North and bring an end to terrorism.

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