Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fuel Scarcity to end -

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation says that the current fuel scarcity across the country will improve remarkably before the weekend runs out.

"All stakeholders met yesterday. The major marketers, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, independent marketers, everyone. So you will see a remarkably difference between the next 24 to 48 hours," Levi Ajuonuma, spokesperson of the corporation said.

Last week, the corporation released a statement on the fuel scarcity situation saying it was caused by the refusal of major marketers to import the product.

"The scarcity is as a result of the stoppage of products importation by major marketers due to suspension of petroleum subsidy payments which necessitated the utilization of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation supplies to meet the needs of all marketers. We are happy to note that the recent resolution of concerns over the products importation template has now enabled the major marketers to resume importation.

"Petroleum Tanker Drivers strike from April 13 to 21 shut down loading at Apapa and around Lagos following a dispute between Petroleum Tanker Drivers and Lagos State Transport Management Authority. The intervention of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation management led to the resolution of the problem which affected up to 60 percent of petroleum supplies in the country," the statement said.

On April 23, 2009, vandals attacked PPMC's major pipeline system (System 2B) which moves products from Atlas cove to Mosimi, Ejigbo, Ibadan, Ilorin, and Ore. This effectively shut down PPMC's capacity to move products by about 30 percent (about 380 trucks per day). The damaged pipeline was repaired on Thursday and product pumping has resumed.

Ralph Ugwu of PPMC also assured consumers of an improved situation. He said: "The long queues will abate very soon. We had a meeting with other stakeholders yesterday (Thursday). The major marketers, independent marketers, PPPRA, and our minister. We were all in a meeting yesterday where decisions where reached on how to improve the supply situation. Far-reaching decisions were reached on the way forward on the fuel issue. So very soon the fuel queues will abate. It will be a thing of the past."


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