Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ogun Lawmakers Fight; for the people?

It was a sorry sight at the Ogun state house of assembly on the 3rd of March, 2009 as they
engaged each other in a free for all brawl.

The brawl was sparked by a debate on whether Hon Titi Oseni and another lawmaker should be sacked.
Oseni was the former speaker and is very loyal to Governor Gbenga Daniel.
The debate on whether to suspend the honourables became hot and as expected, it turned into a free for all.
After, when everthing had settled down and the mace returned to its original position as it had been
displaced during the scuffles; the decision was taken to suspend the two lawmakers indefinitely.

However, a group of 11 Lawmakers disagreed and said the decision would not stand.
There is of course more to come; as there are speculations that this is one of the steps to remove Governor
Gbenga Daniel from office, as it is his loyalists that are been suspended.

What do you think? Are these lawmakers fighting for their people?

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