Friday, March 13, 2009

Naijapulse VS Twitter

First, it was Hi5, next youtube, then myspace, then DIGG et al, now the rainingweb app is Twitter. Yes, Twitter. Twitter has an amazing following and it is so easyto use. No login problems like any other app. No friend requests, you just follow and pple canfollow you easily.You can even follow Big organizations like the CNN, celebrities like 50 cent.Most sites have links to follow them on twitter and those following canget updates easily.Twitter is a beauty... and then Naijapulse.
Naijapulse is a microblogging web app, and as the name sounds, it is Proudly Nigerian.I see it however as a chatroom board, plus networking tools.
To me Naijapulse is more interesting but you can network more on twitter cos it has higher traffic.What's ur take?


  1. I am a Twitter user and actually use Twitbin to make my twitter experience easy. I have visited naijapulse and I like the fact that you can 'pulse' and 'twitter' at the same time.

    I am going to watch Naijapulse and see how it will work with my branding scheme. I'm not sure it has the people I need to interface with yet, but I have to say that it is a great idea and I support it. I wish the organizers the best of success. It makes me proud to see so many enterprising Nigerians creating opportunities for themselves, and online people like me.

  2. BTW, anyone who uses the 'pulse' term the way I did should remember who did it first. =)


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