Monday, June 18, 2007

Supreme Court says Peter Obi is Governor of Anambra State

The Supreme Court; the highest court in Nigeria has ruled that erstwhile Governor of Anambra State Peter Obi did not complete his tenure and declared him as the governor stating that he should be allowed to complete his tenure.

This makes Andy Uba the youngest serving governor in History; he served for 17 days.

Though Andy's camp is saying that he's still the governor-elect, it is evident that going by the constitution another election would be conducted at the end of Obi's tenure(if he does finish w/out impeachment). It will be a tricky situation in Anambra cos they won't be holding elections like other states.

However, Obi(born 19 July 1961 ) will have the new PDP controlled house of assembly to contend with and he'd better start praying and watching his back else we might end up having the speaker(PDP) as the governor.
This is going to be a drama....i'll be watching all the way!


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