Monday, June 18, 2007

President Yar Adua orders obeisance to Supreme Court order

President Yar Adua scored another political point when he ordered the solicitor-general and the acting IG to implement the supreme courts ruling and restore Peter Obi as the Governor of Anambra state.

This is in line with his swearing-in speech where he pledged to "obey the rule of law".
This scenario however will be a decisive one, because it will keep the election tribunals on their toes, make them judge cases faster and where Yar Adua is going to have some problems; MAKE THE PDP LOSE MORE STATES!

I don't know how long the PDP can cope with the President but I hope the president has the strenght to rule a nation where the elite don't want things going right.

I say a prayer for the president and I hope you do also, maybe just maybe Umar Yar Adua could become our own Abraham Lincoln.


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