Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hilariously dressed Nigerian Father, reunites with son after 36 years

A funky old man named Uncle Ngu Nebuchadnezzar recently shocked his family members when he, out of the blues, returned home after 36 years in Russia. They had long forgotten about their son because they thought he was dead or lost abroad. His son whom he left some 35 years ago, pictured above with him, was honored to receive him home.

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  1. Unbeliveable. Nebuchadnezza had lived in Russia since the birthday of his son, may be he did not see his birth at all or didn`t know about his existence. His son looks very surprised, of course he thought his father was dead since he was a little child. You can also read the latest news of Nigeria on I`ve just read there an interesting article `Three ex-militants bag first class degree from UK universities`. Hope that Nebuchadnezzar will be happy with his family again.


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