Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Noble Igwe reveals what happened at Toolz and Tunde Demuren's wedding

Life’s fun depends on your choices but one thing is certain; the older you get, you begin to more selectively choose to celebrate and what not to.
A few years ago, we were all about celebrating big birthday parties until #SLAM2014 when Olamide got tired of sneaking around Segi’s house and put a ring on it.

First of all, we didn’t expect Olams to be the first to join Uncle Segs in the respectable Marriage Club not because he was the youngest but because Olams didn’t paint the picture of someone that was ready but then I have come to realize that with these things you don’t really prepare for it, it just hits you and you just follow. Its like falling in love with small chops, you can’t say the first time you started liking it, you only just realized that you started craving it more.
We were scared not ready not because we were not old enough but because to some of us, marriage is like the MBA of adulthood and once you get to that stage in Igboland, you are automatically ready to contest for a position in your village progressive union. I wasn’t ready to join Umuomaku progressive union. I’ve even heard they don’t drink palm wine during their annual meeting.
I know some of you are just here to know what happened at Toolz and Tunde’s Engagement ceremony, hang on; we’ll get there but it wouldn’t be a complete story if I don’t start from the very beginning.
Back to Olams.
He put a ring on it, informed us and we were excited for him even though I think Segs was more excited because finally one of us had decided to jump the broom and join the “exeat” requesting club.
#SLAM2014 happened to be my first time of dobale-ing and I totally loved it. It was our first ABE wedding and we made sure we had so much fun supporting one of our own.
Olams leaving the gang encouraged Ebuka to cross to the other side and shortly after, we took Palm wine and Akupe to Neni to marry Cynthia. We took Cynthia back with us to Okija and threw one of the maddest parties east of the Niger.
With Olams & Ebuka out of the hard school of singlehood, it opened the door to “When will you marry?” commenters and when we were about to crown Tunde the leader of the new group of the remaining singles, he left Banky & I.
The date was set and we were all ready for January 30th to support yet another one of us leaving the singles club.
I digress, this is not the story you really want to read but I promise you, if you keep reading, I’ll get to the point and I promise to tell it all as it happened.
On Saturday, Tunde asked his family and friends to assemble at Hard Rock café for pre drinks, pictures and bants before walking over to Landmark for the engagement proper.
I got there on time dressed fully in my Agbada finishing off the look with my walking stick. Within minutes more people arrived and the restaurant was filled with people in Agbada with their filas bent in different ways.
Noble Igwe #TSquared2016 Nobs arriving

Noble Igwe #TSquared2016 Olams

At about 12:15 I saw them pulling in and like everyone else, we didn’t know the events of the day was going to turn out the way they did.
The moment they drove in, I recognized them because Kunle was driving with Banky in the passenger seat and Tunde siting at the back like the badass groom.

Noble Igwe #TSquared2016 Tunde Driving in
Tunde’s arrival
Noble Igwe #TSquared2016 Segun Demuren
Segun Demuren

Greetings and a general photographs done, we settled inside the café for drinks and finger food. New friends were formed over finger food and even though Tunde was nervous, he had his best friends and family beside him.

Noble Igwe #TSquared2016 ABE
ABE and the man of the day

Noble Igwe #TSquared2016 Boys eating at Hard Rock

Noble Igwe #TSquared2016 Nnamdi and Nobs
With Nnamdi

12:15pm quickly moved to 4pm and when we were called in, we moved quickly to landmark with Ebuka fanning Tunde with his akupe, my walking stick dancing above his head and his goons dancing behind him. It was the an entourage close to what Eddie Murphy’s father had the first time he arrived America.

Noble Igwe #TSquared2016 dancing the groom in
Entourage dancing the groom in

We dobaled but then Tunde stayed a bit longer on the ground as a sign of respect to his father-in-law. I think that was cool and the smile from the father-in-law confirmed his approval of that act of respect.
Once Tunde sat on the chair reserved for the groom and bride, we knew it time to move to space reserved for us at the lounge.
With a drink in hand, I watched the beautiful bride dance in with friends, take pictures with her dad and in-laws, then go up to sit beside the groom.
Speeches were made, prayers said and then King Sunny Ade introduced the music for the Naira rain. KSA played like he wasn’t going to stop until he noticed that DJ Xclusive was on standby. Xclsive Took over from KSA and played until 12:01 with an Olamide performance in between.
Music went on until the sound engineer turned off his equipment forcing us to go home early Sunday morning.
It was a good evening and we missed Peter Bello.
I know you wanted to read the full story, I’m glad I served it hot.
Happy Married Life Tunde & Tolu.

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